Active Shooter Course

This is a two part course which covers active shooter training followed by medical training for bleeding control. A total of three hours with a certification from Stop the Bleed. 

Things you will learn in the Active Shooter Considerations training:

- Comprehension of active shooters
- Mindset of a suspect during a critical incident
- Cover vs concealment
- Immediate actions for addressing certain threats
- Equipment and attire considerations
- Situational awareness to further preventive  measures
- Proper planning for any specific scenario
- Developing a tactical mindset

Things you will learn in the Stop the Bleed training:

- Proper identification of certain injuries
- Understanding medical equipment and their use
- Applying pressure, wound packing, and the proper use of tourniquets 
- Practical application of injury treatment
- Considerations for medical kits and their placement

At the completeion of the course, attendees are emailed a certificate of completion and the ability to avoid a critical incident and increase their survival.